International collaboration

Kyiv National Linguistic University is one of the leading Ukrainian centers of philological training and translation where over 20 foreign languages are taught.

In 2005, KNLU was admitted to the International Association of Universities (IAU) that is the evidence of its recognition by international university community.


International activities of the University aim at implementing measures to ensure the integration of the university to the world educational space. This is achieved through active international partnerships, increase of international prestige of KNLU diploma, internationalization of the educational process through the introduction of international academic mobility programmes.

The University promotes the exchange of students, postgraduate students, professors and teachers. It encourages participation in international meetings, linguistic and educational programmes, cultural events, conferences.

University invites foreign students, graduate students and teachers to learn and train on its basis. For 30 years effective Preparatory courses for foreigners and Slavic languages department function at KNLU and train citizens from around the world.

46 higher educational institutions / organizations in Europe, the Middle and Far East and North America are partners of KNLU. The largest number of international contacts is established with the universities of the Republic of Korea (7), France (7), Germany (4), Russia (9), and China (5). The full list of international treaties can be found in a section "Foreign partners".

KNLU cooperates with foreign embassies, international organizations, centers and foundations.

Київський національний
лінгвістичний університет

є провідним вищим навчальним закладом
з підготовки викладачів іноземних мов,
перекладачів та фахівців з іноземної філології



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