This part contains information about opportunities for students from various departments and institutes of KNLU to get education abroad, to participate in exchange programmes (academic mobility programmes), as well as information about finding appropriate ways of funding.

The most famous foundations and organizations that provide grants and scholarships to students for study are:
- Edmund Muskie Graduate Fellowship Programme (Muskie);
- Erasmus Mundus European Union Scholarships;
- International Research and Exchange Board IREX;
- Student exchange programme GLOBAL UGRAD;
- German Academic Exchange Service DAAD;
- Austrian Academic Exchange Service OeAD;
- Program of the French Government EduFrance / CampusFrance;
- British Council;
- British programme Chevening;
- Spanish Program Santander University.

Institute of Oriental Languages which exists on the basis of KNLU is the leader of student's mobility programmes implementing. Each year it receives foreign and sends Ukrainian students to study in Japan, Korea, China etc..
Foreign citizens who want to learn the Russian / Ukrainian language and get a higher education can study at Preparatory Department and the Department for Slavic languages.

In this part students are also provided with the information about international student conferences, cultural events, international summer schools.

Київський національний
лінгвістичний університет

є провідним вищим навчальним закладом
з підготовки викладачів іноземних мов,
перекладачів та фахівців з іноземної філології



тел.: +38 (044) 287-33-72 (приймальна ректора)
тел.: +38 (044) 529-82-86 (приймальна комісія)
факс: +38 (044) 287-67-88
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03680, Україна
МСП, м. Київ-150,
вул. Велика Васильківська, 73


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